Feeling pressurised into taking action

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Feeling pressurised into taking action

Postby Juliam » Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:43 am

Imagine the scenario - for four years you have been involved in a committee, newly formed when you joined, where you have felt that you have been and still are making a significant contribution, that your ideas and drive are valued and you have made a number of friends. Out of the blue you receive a round-robin e-mail from the committee organiser stating that a number of new people have volunteered to come onto the committee this year. Unfortunately it isn't possible to accommodate everyone, as this would mean there would be six members too many, so the organiser has, himself, decided to come off the committee. He then advises other members that what they decide to do is, of course, entirely up to them... This, you feel, puts you in a dilemma.
- Do you feel morally obliged to accept the precedence of the organiser's decision for yourself as well, whilst knowing that most other people will remain firmly wedded to their position on the committee?
- Or do you feel morally obliged to consider the perspective of those waiting to come on and move on and relinquish your position, probably for ever?

Do you feel that, by taking a unilateral decision the organiser put everyone else in a difficult position?

When is it right for us to hand over a baton?

What would you do?
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