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NEW - Is Donald Trump an Effective Leader?  - an article on www.managementtoday.co.uk

Herding Cats - The Effective Leadership and Management of Volunteers - May 2019

What Can We learn From Spine Race Finishers - January 2019

Why Leadership Development Fails and How to Fix it - January 2019

The Corporate Model - Love is the Answer

Love Is The Answer - Division of Occupational Psychology Conference Presentation 2017

Healthy Self Love

Love Life Audit

Corporate Love Model Summary

Love in the Workplace Research Results

People vs Task Continuum for LITA

Love Your People - The American Association for Physician Leadership

Leadership Temperament Types

Free resources from our best-selling book ‘United by Chocolate, Divided by Gender: Differences in the Boardroom’

The 3 Pillars Model of Authentic Leadership

The 10 Principles of Authentic Leadership

The People/Task Continuum

The Extreme Male Brain Theory

Find out more at United by Chocolate

Volunteer Leadership and Management

Volunteer Management - Article in The Guardian
           Short version of the article

White Paper: Herding Cats - The Effective Leadership and Management of Volunteers

Herding Cats - The Effective Leadership and Management of Volunteers (Presentation - Division of Occupational Psychology)

Authentic Leadership

NEW - The Authentic Leadership 360 - The Courage to Lead

Authentic leadership: development of a new three pillar model
Fiona Beddoes-Jones and Stephen Swailes - June 2015

Authentic Leadership - The key to building Trust - People Management UK
This article first appeared in People Management magazine, August 2012.  Reproduced with the permission of the publisher, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London (www.cipd.co.uk)

Authentic Leadership - MBA Journal

Having the Courage to Lead - Training Journal

2011 Authentic Leadership Conference

Great Leadership - Turns out it's not rocket science after all.  A new model of authentic leadership.

What is Authentic Leadership?

Authentic Leadership e-book for Business

Authentic Leadership e-book for RAF

The Authentic Leadership 360 - The Courage to Lead - RAF Leadership Centre

The Courage to Lead - Part I by Fiona Beddoes-Jones

The Courage to Lead Part II by Fiona Beddoes Jones

‘Aspiring to Leadership’ - Eurograduate

3 Peaks Leadership

3 Peaks Leadership: a presentation

The 3 Peaks Leadership Challenge

The 3 Peaks Leadership Development Programme

3 Peaks Leadership Development Brochure

3 Peaks Leadership Kit List

Cognitive Fitness

NEW  Exploring What Cognitive Fitness Is

What is Cognitive Fitness?

Eurograduate - 'In Search of Cognitive Fitness'

Eurograduate - 'Think Yourself to the Top'

Developing the Thinking Performer - Full Paper

Developing the Thinking Performer - Professional Standards Research - People Management

What is Cognitive Gap Analysis?

Thinking Skills Exercise

Spine Race Hebden Bridge Training 2017 - 'Race Psychology – The Mind Game'

How to Succeed at Interviews - Eurograduate

Cognitive Fitness Blog

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The Corporate Model

Leadership Temperament Types

Volunteer Leadership and Management

Authentic Leadership

Cognitive Fitness


Research, Articles and Presentations

Train the Trainer

Team Development

Coaching and Mentoring


Thinking Styles

NEW Thinking Styles sample report 2019

Case study: Performance Coaching Using Thinking Styles

Developing Excellence in Leadership


‘My Thoughts Exactly’ - Coaching at Work, Vol. 3, Issue 4

‘Think Yourself to the Top’ - Eurograduate

Investment Bank Case Study

‘Using the Thinking Styles instrument in coaching’ - Selection and Development Review, Vol. 23, (5)

Cognitive Team Roles

NEW - Cognitive Team Roles Brochure

Case study: Developing high performing teams

‘The Psychology of Teams’ - Training Journal

Cognitive Gap Analysis

‘What is Cognitive Gap Analysis?’

Think Smart

Think-Smart - Exercises

Think-Smart - Quick Guide

Think-Smart - Sample Report

Research, Articles and Presentations

The Psychology of a Consultant - Imperial College - A PowerPoint Presentation

Driving the Spirit of Innovation - An article by Julia Miller

Should We Blame the Bankers? - An article by Julia Miller and Fiona Beddoes-Jones

Positive Thinking or Relentless Optimism? - An article by Julia Miller

8th International Leadership Conference Presentation
The Manifestation of Authentic Leadership within the RAF was presented at the 8th International Studying Leadership Conference.

‘The value and benefits of metacognitive awareness in the workplace: developing the 'thinking performer''
A paper presented at the CIPD Professional Standards Conference

The design and development of a new psychometric instrument’
A paper presented at Harrogate 10th International Conference on Thinking.

‘An evaluation of the thinking preferences of engineers to assist in their personal and professional development’
A paper presented at Greece 4th International Conference on Education, Athens

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer (basic)

Train the Trainer (advanced)

What kind of a trainer are you?

Levels of Learning

How Thinking Styles Affect Learning

Evaluating training

Learning to Think: Learning to Learn

Train the Trainer - Creating the Physical Environment for Training

Train the Trainer - Team Theory and Group Dynamics

Train the Trainer - Thinking Through Co-Training

Team Development

Belbins Team Roles and Cognitive Team Roles - A study of two perspectives

Cognitive Team Roles Brochure

Case study: Developing high performing teams

‘The Psychology of Teams’ - Training Journal

Coaching and Mentoring

Short term cognitive coaching interventions - worth the effort or a waste of time - The Coaching Psychologist August 2007

Virtual Mentoring - Can the principal of cognitive pairing increase its effectiveness


Train your Brain Think Smart for £15 FREE Questionnaire Cognitive Fitness - authentic leadership, leadership, team development, coaching and talent management
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